Praia dos Alemães

Praia dos Alemães translates as ‘Beach of the Germans’. Ironically, most of the visitors are Dutch or British. They like the special character of the place and are happy to spend several hours there. Whatever language you speak. If you want to spend your day engaged in active pursuits, then this is the beach for you.


Excellent for families Praia dos Alemães was the first beach to install a floating playground a few metres off the coast. Children can let off steam on the inflatable platform and test their sporting talents on the slippery course. In the meantime parents can retreat into the shade of a sun umbrella, since there are plenty of lifeguards monitoring the beach.


On this beach you won't know the meaning of the word boredom. A pedal boat or a kayak could let you put a bit of distance between yourself and the hustle and bustle on the beach or a wild ride on a banana boat is a great way to cool off.


There are several licensed bars and restaurants concessions along the beach ready to welcome you in out of the heat of the midday sun with toilet and shower facilities available. If your active day has given you a healthy appetite there are plenty of places to eat.



Praia dos Alemães

Forte de São João,
Aldeamento Mónica Isabel Beach Club 313,
Forte de São João,

GPS: 37.084461, -8.237978

3QM6+QR Albufeira, Portugal

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