OceanEye Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Discover the secrets of the ocean and marine life through a unique glass bottomed boat. The funkily designed vessel has a large ‘eye’ at the stern and another in the hull (that’s the front and the bottom of the boat for all you lily livered land lovers). These viewing portals give you a unique way to observe marine life in a corner of the Algarve you are almost guaranteed to find some dolphins.


Leaving from Albufeira marina Oceaneye’s crew, including a marine biologist to answer all your questions, take you on a 2 hour boat tour that covers the Algarve coastline from Albufeira to Lagoa. Along the way you will encounter a variety of very photogenic birds and sea fauna, assuming you can hold the camera still through all the excitement. The tour also takes in a visit to the coves and caves that line the coast.


The quality of the tour is weather dependent. In inclement weather you can expect an outstanding tour, in the clearer calmer weather that the Algarve is usually bathed in your tour will be nothing short of ‘once in a lifetime’ status. Out. Of. This. World.


OceanEye provide a few tour options available. You can join the main tour as an individual or part of a small group and larger groups can arrange private boat tours and those with a sense of glamour can opt for the sunset cruise.





Cais do Novo Mundo 2,
Marina de Albufeira,

GPS: 37.083938, -8.265188

3PMM+HW Albufeira, Portugal


Tel: +35 965 595 659

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