Azumit Paintball

With about 10 years’ experience in the Algarve Azmit Paintball is sure to be a holiday highlight. Safe, fun and action-packed it’s the ultimate stress release for all the family.


Catering for ages of 6 and up Azimut Paintball provides you with everything you need for the paintballing experience including a boiler suit to protect your clothes, a mask and goggles for face protection, gloves and of course a gun and ammo. If you run out of paintballs, don’t worry you can buy more at any time at the onsite paintball shop to make sure your game continues for as long as you want it to.


An ideal active outing you can play various games of tactical nous, organised by their monitors, across 3 different paintball scenarios involving inflatables and obstacles with tires. Perfect for tiring out the kids with a stealthily healthy excursion Azimut Paintballing is a great space to spend an afternoon or a morning with friends and family. When the war games are over refreshments are available at the bar and a sun terrace awaits the returning warriors looking to relax and recharge.



Azumit Paintball

Sitio Dos Álamos,
Cci 913 Z,

Tel: +351 964 014 546

Opening Hours

Mon – Tue          Closed

Wed – Sun          10am - 6:30pm