Zoomarine is one of the premier attractions in the Algarve, offering a blend of shows featuring marine mammals, informative exhibits and water park attractions.

The park is open between March and November and is one of the most popular family attractions in the region with the live shows being the main draw.

Watch as the Zoomarine dolphins, sea lions and birds interact naturally with their trainers and see the majestic marine mammals both above and below the water thanks to the pools with transparent sides.

Away from the animals there is still plenty of fun, including the hugely popular mini theme park, complete with big wheel and the pool areas, which are the perfect place to cool down in the summer months at Zoomarine. For those with a ‘sense of theatre’ there’s also the interactive Pirate spectacular ‘Baia dos Piratas’. A show stuffed full of stunts, acrobatics, free running, fighting, fun, impressive props and even more impressive moves it’s as hilarious as it is high octane. 

In terms of edutainment the 4D Cinema takes you on an immersive educational journey showing life from the marine wildlife’s view and the challenges they face. The park is also dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of marine animals. To that end have a dedicated science and innovation budget expressly to the protection of species in the wild and increasing the welfare of animals under human care. The exotic bird habitat and marine life shows introduce visitors to fauna you don’t often see and provide awareness about marine life, their home and what we can do to protect their habitat. Plus swimming with dolphins from their dolphinarium is an experience never forgotten.

With all these activities ‘under one roof’ Zoomarine is probably the most comprehensive family destination in Albufeira. 


Zoomarine Theme Park
EN 125 - Km 65
8201-864 Guia,
Algarve, Portugal

GPS: 37º07'39.93 N, 8º18'50 W

4MGP+Q8 Guia, Portugal




Tel: +351 289 560 300



Opening Times


March - November

Monday - Sunday: 10am - 7:30pm