Praia da Falésia

Praia da Falésia takes its name from the fascinating gouged red cliffs that form the backdrop to this endless stretch of sand. As these cliffs are not very tall it makes access convenient whilst acting as a suitable barrier to any winds from the north during the off season.


You are sure to find a spot to yourselves on this beach because, at a length of 6km, Praia da Falésia is one of the larger beaches in the Algarve. A day on the Praia da Falésia can seem almost lonely, even in August, as the bathers are scattered over a wide area. The huge scale of the Praia da Falésia beach means, that if you are willing to walk, there is always a quieter section of the beach to be found.


In the early morning or in the evening, when the beach empties, it's perfect for jogging along by the sea. Sports fans will also enjoy Praia da Falésia, but you'll have to bring your own equipment. If you are prepared to carry boards, balls and other kit across the long sandy beach you’ll find plenty of space to set up a game of beach cricket/volleyball/football etc...


As well as vast expanses of nature you'll find a range of services at Praia da Falésia. There are several restaurants, a playground for children and a variety of other leisure facilities.


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