W Wet Pools

Residents can enjoy a quiet dip in the residents-only pool, set away from the hotel with sea views. W Algarve also has an impressive, split-level pool situated between the hotel and W Residences Algarve, with a DJ on hand nearby to provide mellow poolside beats. Since swimming and sunbathing are thirsty work, there’s a choice of al fresco bars in the grounds offering easy refreshments. Keep your cool.

Leisure Facility

Fuel up your body and mind in style at W Algarve. Join the distinctive FIT program and be ready to escape from the everyday and steal the scene. Recharge your energy and live it up, whatever, whenever with a membership that fits your lifestyle and offers energy-charged benefits.

Whether you are looking to find your balance, boost your stamina, push yourself, or soak it in at the WET DECK... We´ve got you covered!

Recharge your energy and live it up, whatever, whenever with a membership that fits your lifestyle and offers energy-charged benefits.

If you are not ready for that big commitment, worry not! We have different options for you to come and enjoy a day with us. Don't miss out and experience a day the W way.

Leisure Facility
Away Spa

Carefully thought of and waiting for you is a combination of massage techniques, luxury cosmetic brands and state of the art wet & heat facilities. A sensorial cocktail of scents, sounds and sights for you to relax, unwind and forget the rest of the world. Our wish is for you to feel like a fish in the sea!


Spa Facilities

The Away Spa at W Algarve is a unique mix of cutting-edge design and elements of Algarve's and Portugal's nature and traditions. A balance between wood, stone and water is enriched with details of Portuguese tiles, fishing buoys or bobbin lace. Algarve has a modern vibe with ancients roots and if you think of it so does wellness. We turn to ancient holistic self-healing teachings to slow the pace of our hyped modern lifestyle.



Deep Flow

90 minutes - € 140
60 minutes - € 105

Increase circulation and ease muscle tension. This therapeutic massage uses slow but deep strokes to apply pressure and reach deeper muscle layers. Targeting specific areas of concern, it will improve mobility and muscle tone.



60 minutes - € 95
90 minutes - € 125

Reduce stress and revive tired muscles. This massage combines moderate pressure and tension-releasing techniques with the unique benefits of aromatherapy for amazing results.



60 minutes - € 105
90 minutes - € 140

Activate and detox. Powerful massage with dynamic techniques and a rich blend of oils designed to stimulate the metabolism and help eliminate toxins. Feel invigorated and awake.


Slow Pace

60 minuted - € 95
90 minutes - € 125

Reset your pace and relax. The ultimate relaxation ritual with moderate to light pressure, designed to lower brain waves, gently relax the muscles and lead to a better sleep. Embrace the slow life and enjoy.



The use of water in different treatments is as old as time. Ancient civilizations used bathing rituals and sweat lodges as a form of healing. Water & Heat are an extremely important part of the Spa experience as they have major benefits such as pain relief, sleep improvement, better cardiovascular health and stress reduction. Enjoy our amazing Wet Lounge either during your stay or before your spa treatment.


SAUNA | Dry heat 85 to 90 C | The perfect ally to boost circulation, reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health. Sauna also eases muscle pain and improves joint movement. Remember to stay hydrated and enjoy!

STEAM ROOM | 46 to 48 ºC - 100% humidity | The steam room stimulates circulation that leads to a lower blood pressure and healthier heart. It also clears congestion and improves skin health. To take your experience to the next level, you may choose between four scents: Cedarwood, Lemon Garden, Provence Lavender and Eucalyptus. Just detox and relax!

ICE CRUNCH | Contrast therapy to stimulate muscular and cardiovascular systems. It will relax the muscles and relieve aches and pains, reducing swelling and inflammation. Whenever you need to cool down, simply rub a handful of ice on your body.

SENSORIAL SHOWER | An aromatic rain ideal to refresh the body after some time in the sauna or the steam room. This sensorial storm will revitalize the body and relax the mind. A complete show of temperatures, colors, scents and sounds to awake and stimulate all the senses.

FIRE TUB | 37 to 39 C | A therapeutic soak for ultimate relaxation. The warm hydrotherapy massages and relaxes the muscles, releasing both muscle and joint pain. A dip that will improve your state of mind and general well-being.

ICE TUB | 12 C | Cold therapy to be used ideally after sauna, steam room or hydrotherapy, stimulating muscular, cardiovascular and nervous systems. It will spike alertness and energy levels, uplift the immune system and decrease joint and muscular pain. A cold plunge releases endorphins so expect be in a better mood!

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