Praia de Santa Eulalia

Praia de Santa Eulália has the reputation of being one of the best beaches around Albufeira. A little over 4 km to the east of Albufeira it is something of an upmarket resort beach. Before you descend onto the beach you are treated to breath taking clifftop views. There's a great choice of restaurants up on the cliff too, all with 360-degree panoramic views.


The beach itself is quite wide during low tide, which provides lots of space. The water is the typical clear azure you would expect on this coast making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. This makes Praia de Santa Eulália not so good for surfing but great for leisurely walks along the sea. During the summer months a lifeguard is on hand making Santa Eulália a good beach for families with children.


All the usual beach equipment like loungers, parasols and pedalos are available for hire here. There is also a range of fairly upmarket beach bars, cafes and restaurants on or close to the beach. Also nearby there is a leisure resort, art galleries, bars and a beach club. Compared to the urban beaches in the town Praia de Santa Eulália is relatively quiet. However, in the summer months due to its beauty and abundance of resources it can get quiet busy.


Praia de Santa Eulalia

Ac. à Praia de Santa Eulália,
8200-269 Albufeira,

GPS: 37.087937, -8.214563

3QQP+55 Albufeira, Portugal

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