What makes a perfect beach holiday?

White sandy bays, turquoise waters, instagram-worthy scenery and the sun of course. And, Menorca has it all, in abundance, but there's certainly more to this little island than just beautiful beaches.

Menorca Weather

Menorca, known for its delightful Mediterranean climate,
offers visitors a welcoming and temperate weather experience throughout the year.
Summers, from June to September, are characterized by warm and sunny days
with temperatures typically ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). 

Charm of Menorca

Hailed as the Balearic's best-kept secret, Menorca is unspoilt and mesmerisingly idyllic. Smaller, and less developed than it's popular neighbours, you'll find yourself taking a step back to nature. Boasting pretty, untouched landscapes that explode with flora and fauna, it's no wonder that Menorca has been quietly flying the sustainable tourism flag for a number of years. UNESCO even declared Menorca a Biosphere Reserve, aiming to protect areas such as the Parc Natural S’Albufera d’es Grau wetlands and the intriguing Bronze Age sites.

Gentle landscapes make Menorca the perfect environment to walk, cycle or ride around, so you can soak up the stunning natural scenery before finding yourself on one of the many bays that stud the coastline, to relax. When it comes to beaches, there are so many, you really are spoilt for choice. For families, there's sloping waters where children can paddle around, on the south of the island there's wonderful beach-dining and snorkelling opportunities, and the north is rockier and awash with pine trees.


Menorca, with its pristine coastline, boasts an abundance of stunning beaches, each with its unique charm. Among the most renowned is Cala Macarella, celebrated for its crystalline waters and golden sands, tucked away in a picturesque cove. Cala Mitjana, a short hike from Macarella, offers a tranquil and secluded ambiance, making it a favorite among nature lovers. For families, Son Bou stands out with its long stretch of soft sand and shallow waters, while Cala Galdana impresses with its horseshoe-shaped bay and amenities. For those seeking tranquility and natural beauty, Cala Pregonda is a must-visit, known for its red-hued sands and rugged landscape. These are just a few examples of the many exceptional beaches Menorca has to offer, providing a variety of experiences that cater to both relaxation and adventure seekers.

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Restaurants and Bars

At the end of a long, summer's day, look forward to a delicious meal. The Menorcans certainly take their time to enjoy food, and you can spend many unhurried hours at a sea-front restaurant or bistro in town. Maybe finish off with a refreshing pomada - a Menorcan gin and lemon mix for the ultimate Mediterranean experience. If you're still in the mood for dancing, head to Cales Coves for some fantastic night spots.

Menorca boasts a vibrant culinary scene that reflects the island's rich history and diverse influences. From charming seaside taverns to upscale restaurants, there's a dining establishment for every palate. Visitors can savor fresh seafood dishes like lobster stew (caldereta de langosta) or Menorcan-style fish, complemented by locally produced cheeses and wines. The island's bustling capital, Mahón, and the picturesque Ciutadella are home to an array of restaurants offering Mediterranean and international cuisines, while quaint villages offer a taste of traditional Menorcan fare. Don't miss trying the famous Mahón cheese and sipping the island's own gin, Pomada. Additionally, Menorca's numerous bars and beachfront chiringuitos (beach bars) provide a laid-back atmosphere for enjoying cocktails and sunsets. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner with a sea view or a casual tapas experience, Menorca's culinary offerings are sure to tantalize your taste buds and enhance your island getaway.

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Discover the island

It may be the capital of Menorca, but Mahon is in no way flashy. Sitting proudly on the east coast of the island, the town is relaxed and full of charm.

Since taking its position as the capital from Ciutadella in 1721, during British occupation, it's established itself as a popular, buzzing city with much to offer. Boasting one of the largest natural harbours in the world, the port is always bustling, as yachts and sailing boats moor up and sail off. You can even take a boat trip yourself along the inlet of the Port de Mahon, or stay on land and stroll along the quayside for a look at the yachts, before stopping at one of the many cafes or restaurants overlooking what is described as one of the finest ports on the Med.

Inland, you can marvel at the elegant 18th-century mansions, or meander around the streets picking up traditional Menorcan goods. Known for its shoe industry, Menorca is the perfect place to pick up a few pairs of sandals, especially the local abarcas, and the capital could be just the place to do it, with many shops crafting beautiful shoes from handmade leather. There's a marvellous Gothic cathedral to visit, and if you climb the stone steps up the hill you'll also see some wonderful churches. There's much to do, and when you're in need of a break, restaurants are plentiful too. You certainly won't be short of a seafood supper, that's for sure. Whether it's down by the port or in the town itself, the party, doesn't end there. Relaxing at a bar with a pomada or taking to one of the many clubs makes for a fantastic after-hours experience.

Looking for a beach? You don't have to look too far. The unspoilt cove at Mesquida is only a 10-minute drive north and in the south, is the popular Punta Prima resort.

As one of the most picturesque cities of the Med, Mahon is well worth a visit for a slice of unhurried Menorcan city life.

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Luxury Menorcan Villas

For two such characteristic Menorcan cities, the properties are varied. Whitewashed modern villas with swimming pools and spacious terraces, restored classic farmhouses and properties with far-reaching views - there really is something for everyone in the Mahon area. And, similarly, with Ciutadella, a mix of classic Menorcan style villas, alongside spacious family-sized properties with amazing coastal and country views, and a short drive to the beach offer great choices.

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