Sandy coves, rocky inlets, calm waters, sleepy hamlets and popular resorts dotted around - this is the south east coast of Menorca, and probably one of the most popular regions on the island.

Menorca Weather

Menorca, known for its delightful Mediterranean climate,
offers visitors a welcoming and temperate weather experience throughout the year.
Summers, from June to September, are characterized by warm and sunny days
with temperatures typically ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). 

Charm of Mahon

It may be the capital of Menorca, but Mahon is in no way flashy. Sitting proudly on the east coast of the island, the town is relaxed and full of charm.

Since taking its position as the capital from Ciutadella in 1721, during British occupation, it's established itself as a popular, buzzing city with much to offer. Boasting one of the largest natural harbours in the world, the port is always bustling, as yachts and sailing boats moor up and sail off. You can even take a boat trip yourself along the inlet of the Port de Mahon, or stay on land and stroll along the quayside for a look at the yachts, before stopping at one of the many cafes or restaurants overlooking what is described as one of the finest ports on the Med.

Inland, you can marvel at the elegant 18th-century mansions, or meander around the streets picking up traditional Menorcan goods. Known for its shoe industry, Menorca is the perfect place to pick up a few pairs of sandals, especially the local abarcas, and the capital could be just the place to do it, with many shops crafting beautiful shoes from handmade leather. There's a marvellous Gothic cathedral to visit, and if you climb the stone steps up the hill you'll also see some wonderful churches. There's much to do, and when you're in need of a break, restaurants are plentiful too. You certainly won't be short of a seafood supper, that's for sure. Whether it's down by the port or in the town itself, the party, doesn't end there. Relaxing at a bar with a pomada or taking to one of the many clubs makes for a fantastic after-hours experience.

Looking for a beach? You don't have to look too far. The unspoilt cove at Mesquida is only a 10-minute drive north and in the south, is the popular Punta Prima resort.

As one of the most picturesque cities of the Med, Mahon is well worth a visit for a slice of unhurried Menorcan city life.

Restaurants & Bars

Mahon and San Luis, nestled on the beautiful island of Menorca, offer a delightful array of restaurants and bars that cater to every palate. In Mahon, the capital city, you'll find a captivating mix of waterfront eateries serving fresh seafood dishes that showcase the island's maritime heritage. Enjoy traditional Menorcan cuisine, including the renowned lobster stew (caldereta de llagosta), at charming local restaurants. As you venture into San Luis, quaint tapas bars and rustic taverns beckon with their authentic Spanish flavours, where you can savour delicious tapas accompanied by a glass of local wine or a refreshing gin and tonic - a nod to Menorca's gin distilling tradition. Whether you prefer beachside dining, fine dining establishments, or cosy bars tucked away in narrow alleys, Mahon and San Luis have a culinary scene that promises to satisfy even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

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San Luis

San Luis

If you're looking for a perfect base from which to explore the south east corner of Menorca, hailed by many as the 'golden triangle,' San Luis could be that place. Located just 2km south of the capital, Mahon, it's also equidistant from many of the beautiful beaches and charming villages of the region.

A traditional town surrounded by picture-postcard countryside there's an authentic Menorcan feel here, although it was in fact founded by the French in the 18th century - named after King Louis IX. Featuring the staple white-washed houses and narrow streets based on an easy-to-navigate grid, San Luis was built up around the neoclassical church and it's sweet garden.

Strolling around the town is one of life's simple pleasures. Apart from quaint little shops, bars, restaurants and the San Luis Church, there's the Bodegas Binifadet winery for a real treat. Offering year-round tours, and the option of tasting the wine, this is a popular choice for many to the area. Finally, take a look around the old windmill, Moli de Dalt, which has now been transformed into a charming Folklore Museum.

Less than 5 minutes from sandy beaches, pretty countryside, and the capital of Mahon, it's no wonder San Luis is a big hit with visitors.


Es Castell

If you're an early riser, you'll love Es Castell. Being the most easterly town in Menorca, it's the first to get the morning sun, so an early morning breakfast or stroll is well-advised.

Formed around its two harbours - Calas Fonts and Calas Corb, here is where you get to really enjoy the peaceful Menorcan way of life, but that's not to say there aren't plenty of things to do too. Benefitting from calm waters, the coves are a delightful place for the children to paddle around in whilst adults enjoy a spot of sunbathing. Cala Pedera is nearby if you're looking for a bigger beach.

Wandering around the harbours is a lovely way to pass the day. There's shops, bars, restaurants, cafes and a vibrant night scene after-hours. Some of the restaurants are actually built into the caves, offering a unique experience and a great view of the bay. There's also a market twice a week to look out for.

The town itself is steeped in history, much of it British. Es Castell was developed when the British occupied the island - apparent in its Georgian architecture. The main plaza is a perfect place for kids to run around in and even has a park to keep them entertained.

An alluring town, it really is lovely just to walk around, but for a livelier scene, the capital of Mahon is just a short drive away.



Serene and typically Menorcan, the village of Llucmacanes with its whitewashed farmhouses and village church can be considered a sleepy, but enchanting offering.

Enveloped by pretty countryside, vineyards and wild olive trees, this is an area to enjoy nature at its best. Walking or cycling along country lanes, spotting typical dry stone walls and subtle but beautiful flora and fauna, it's a picture-perfect scene. You may also come across the Basilica des Fornas de Torello nearby - the remains of an old Roman church with faded but fascinating mosaics.

There's a local shop in the town, but if you require something more, Llucmacanes is perfectly located to reach the capital, Mahon, the lovely town of San Luis or San Clemente - all of which have fantastic bars, cafes and restaurants. And for families, the beach at Punta Prima is a short drive away.

Finally, if you're visiting in August, you may be fortunate enough to see the Festes de Sant Gaietà - a festival the whole town joins in with. The highlight is certainly the 'Jaleo' where Menorcan horses parade through the streets.



Tranquil Trebaluger is only 10 minutes from Mahon, but a world away from the busy little capital.

A village full of whitewashed traditional Menorcan houses and newer properties surrounded by open countryside, this is an authentic village. With lots of open spaces and country walks, it's a great place to get back to nature, and as it's pretty flat, a lovely place to cycle too.

Although it has got its own little well-stocked supermarket, Trebaluger is perfectly located to make the most of what else this popular region has to offer. Just minutes drive away from the pretty harbour, beach and town at Es Castell, and the celebrated bigger beaches of Binibeca and Punta Prima, you are also near to the vibrant city of Mahon where you will find plenty of dining and shopping options.

Trebaluger is a peaceful town where relaxing is obligatory. But, if you're after a livelier scene, there's plenty around!


Cap D'En Font

A sought-after residential resort on the southwest coast of Menorca, Cap d'En Font is full of attractive Menorcan properties with great access to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

With a small, sandy beach of its own, and Binisafua right nearby, it is also close to the celebrated beaches of Binibeca and Binibeca Vell - all with restaurants, bars, cafes and water-sports. For a visit to a lovely old historic town, San Luis is a short drive away, making Cap D'En Font a perfect base for a relaxed Menorcan beach holiday where the sun always seems to shine.



Set in a secluded cove, with soft white sand you can sink into and teal waters, Binisafua is an idyllic beach - a place to really kick back and relax. With only a handful of fishing boats and a couple of traditional whitewashed villas, it's just you, the beach and banks of pine and palm trees surrounding you.

Perfect for sunbathing, it's also a great space for the children to play. The water is shallow enough for young children to paddle in, and of course the waters are crystal clear for older children and adults who'd like to swim further out.

Off the beaten track, Binisafua doesn't tend to have beach bars, cafes and restaurants nearby, so taking your own picnic is a lovely way to make the most of your day. But, if you do need any supplies, it's a 10-minute drive along the coast to Binibeca where you’ll find plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.

Binisafua may seem like the ultimate island hideaway, but it is only a 30-minute drive to the island's vibrant capital of Mahon, for a day of history, culture and of course, shopping.


Biniancolla & Binibeca including Torret, Vell, Nou and S'Atalaia

Biniancolla is a fishermen's village, and Menorcans have been keeping their boats here for years. This pretty little cove on the south-east coast of Menorca is awash with boat houses, some of which have even been turned into properties.

Far from being an over-populated tourist destination though, it is still very much a traditional Menorcan village where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday. Spending days watching the fish being hauled in as the water laps against the shore, or walking along the pebbly beach and grabbing a spot to watch the world go by, are the simple pleasures one can enjoy in Biniancolla.

Despite being a petite cove, there are a number of restaurants to choose from, and seafood is most definitely on the menu. An easy walk to the renowned resort of Punta Prima offers more choice should you need it. To walk off your lunch, why not take a walk along the coastal path. Biniancolla provides relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of every day life - Menorcan-style.


Binibeca including Torret, Vell, Nou and S'Atalaia

If you're looking to escape the crowds, or what crowds there are in Menorca, the peaceful, idyllic resort of Binibeca is a perfect choice.

Stretching across 3km of pretty south-east coastline from Cala Torret in the East through to Binibeca Nou and then on to Binibeca Vell in the East, there are plenty of magical little coves and inlets with the softest white sand and crystal-clear waters.

Designed in the style of a Menorcan fishing village, Cala Torret's low-rise apartments are most appealing. Boasting traditional Menorcan architecture, some villas are surrounded by pretty foliage, presenting a lovely spot to relax and enjoy the warm weather. With a handful of restaurants and shops nearby, and the main beach at Binibeca, it's no wonder this is a favourite with those who visit. Although a sleepy hamlet, there is a scuba diving centre so you can explore the fantastic coves and inlets along this part of the coast. With the charming town of San Luis a couple of minutes drive away, Torret is an idyllic spot.

And then on to whitewashed Binibeca Vell, a hotchpotch of pretty little white houses in the style of a fishing village. Here you can wander the cobbled streets, eat at the local bars and restaurants, do a spot of shopping and then head down to the little harbour. The beach is perfect for families. With gently sloping sands into the calm shallow sea, here children can paddle around to their heart's content, unless you decide to go out on a pedalo or kayak for some extra family fun. The gently shelving sands at this cove also means great snorkelling, so don't forget your gear.

Binibeca Nou also makes up this enchanting part of the south-east coast of Menorca - an exclusive area which stretches up the hill, giving the properties a charming view. Boasting a sandy beach, this is a spot for relaxing, unless of course you're indulging in some of the watersports, of which there is a great choice. But, if you prefer to stay on land, there's some tennis courts nearby too.

Finally, the small residential area of S'Atalaia in the district of Cala Torret is a wonderful place to stay if you love a coastal view and some scenic country walks. Although there's no beach, there is a rocky shoreline with ladders for you to lower yourself down into the cool waters, and if you do want to relax on a beach, it's a twenty-minute walk to gorgeous Binibeca. And what a walk it is. Along the coastline, you'll not only be graced with some stunning sea-views, there's an abundance of flora, fauna and birdlife to look out for.

Binibeca is relatively undiscovered, but offers so much for those who visit there. It certainly typifies what Menorcan beach life is all about.

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Mahon and San Luis Villas

The properties along the south-east coast of Menorca are varied. From the fishermen-style apartments of Cala Torret to the traditional whitewashed villas along the coastal resorts to the rural abodes inland, all of have on thing in common - their charm.

Dotted amongst the unspoilt coastline and countryside, there's plenty to choose from whether you're looking for your own swimming pool and spacious outdoor terraces, a rural retreat or a villa with coastal views.

Much of what can be enjoyed on the south east coast of Menorca is enjoying the simple life. Whether it's taking a stroll around the harbour at Es Castell, relaxing on the beaches at Binibeca or enjoying a drink and some jazz at Es Casino in San Clemente - it's an unhurried pace of life you can enjoy. But, there's always the buzzing capital of Mahon nearby for a spot of culture and a delicious meal out.

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