Hailed as the Vall d'Or (the golden valley), the peaceful town of Soller in Western Mallorca lies in a valley surrounded by the majestic Serra de Tramuntana - a majestic range of mountains.

Majorca Weather

Majorca's climate offers a delightful balance of warm summers, mild winters,
and enjoyable shoulder seasons, with average summer temperatures
ranging from 25 to 32°C (77 to 90°F) during summers.

Charm of Soller & Port de Soller

Port de Soller
Port de Soller
Sunset cruise
Port de Soller Seafood)
Port de Soller tram
Neni Mallorca
Soller Villa

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Majorca's northwest coast, the enchanting duo of Port de Soller and Soller effortlessly captivates all who venture into their embrace. Port de Soller, a picturesque fishing village, beckons with its idyllic harbor, adorned by colorful boats bobbing gently on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. The scent of salty sea air mingles with the aroma of freshly caught seafood, tempting visitors to indulge in delectable culinary delights at the waterfront eateries. A scenic vintage tram ride transports travelers from Port de Soller to its sibling town, Soller, where time seems to slow down amid its charming narrow streets lined with traditional stone houses, olive groves, and fragrant citrus orchards. Soller's timeless allure invites exploration, whether through the quaint boutiques that offer artisanal crafts or the old-world architecture that transports history buffs to bygone eras. With nature's splendor interwoven seamlessly with cultural richness, Port de Soller and Soller present an enchanting haven where travelers can lose themselves in a world of coastal tranquility and Mediterranean magic.


Playa des Traves
Port de Soller from the Tramuntana Mountains
Port de Soller sunset
Playa den Port)
Bay of Port de Soller

Soller and Port de Soller in Majorca boast some of the most picturesque and inviting beaches on the island. Soller, nestled amidst the Tramuntana Mountains, offers the beautiful Playa d'en Repic, a sandy shoreline embraced by clear blue waters and a laid-back atmosphere. The beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, with a promenade lined with restaurants and cafes offering delightful sea views. Just a short distance away, Port de Soller captivates with its crescent-shaped bay and golden sands. Playa des Traves and Playa den Port offer excellent facilities and water sports opportunities, making it perfect for both families and adventurers. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, the beaches in Soller and Port de Soller provide an idyllic setting to relax, unwind, and appreciate the splendor of Majorca's coastal wonders.

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Restaurants & Bars

Cap Roig
Cap Roig Pealla
Neni Mallorca)
Neni Mallorca

Port de Soller in Majorca is a delightful coastal town that boasts a diverse and vibrant culinary scene, making it a paradise for food enthusiasts. The restaurants and bars in this charming destination offer an array of delectable options that cater to every palate. From traditional Spanish tapas joints serving mouthwatering local delicacies to chic seafood restaurants with stunning waterfront views, visitors are spoiled for choice. Whether it's savoring freshly caught seafood, indulging in authentic paella, or sipping on refreshing cocktails as the sun sets over the Mediterranean, Port de Soller's dining establishments never fail to leave a lasting impression.

With warm hospitality and a relaxed ambiance, the restaurants and bars in Port de Soller offer a delightful dining experience that perfectly complements the beauty of this coastal gem.

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Out and About

Church of San Bartolome, Soller
Alphabia Gardens
Alphabia Gardens
Square – Placa Constitucio)
The Orange Express Tram
Museu Modernista
Alphabia Gardens

Why not make the most of staying in or around the delightful town of Soller and unwind in one of the many cafes and restaurants that line the square – Placa Constitucio. It’s the bustling atmosphere amid the pretty stone buildings and the Church of San Bartolome that make this a wonderful place to be.

Once you’re fully relaxed why not try the Museu Modernista – a relatively new museum that’s already building a reputation as one of importance. Boasting works by Picasso, Kandinsky and Cezanne, this really is a marvellous place to indulge your cultural side.

The Orange Express Tram. A brass and mahogany vintage train, which the whole family will love. Operating since 1912, the line was originally built so farmers could take their oranges and lemons to sell at the market in Palma. The ride only takes 30 minutes from the town to the port, and if you enjoy that, why not travel all the way to Palma – a wonderful day out.

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Family Fun

Fet a Soller ice cream
Soller Oranges
Fet a Soller
Fet a Soller)
Sea Kayaking
SUP Paddle boarding

Some of the beaches in the area are so pretty, and have perfect paddling opportunities for small children. For the more adventurous, there’s boat trips, kayaking, dive centres, bike hire and scuba diving – more than enough to keep the family entertained.

For something slightly different, try the Sa Fabrica de Gelats, an ice-cream factory whose fresh orange and lemon flavours are simply delicious. This one isn’t just for the kids!


Mountain village Deia
Cala de Deia beach
Deia restaurant view
Old rustic houses of Deia)
Cobbled streets of Deia
Cala Deia bay
Deia village

Deia, a charming town nestled on the western coast of Majorca, captivates visitors with its picturesque beauty and serene ambiance. Surrounded by the majestic Tramuntana Mountains, this quaint village exudes a timeless allure, making it a favored destination for artists, writers, and nature enthusiasts alike. As you wander through its cobbled streets, you'll encounter quaint stone houses adorned with vibrant bougainvillea, lending a touch of color to the scenic landscape. Just a stone's throw away lie some of the most stunning coves and beaches in the Mediterranean. Cala Deia, a small pebble beach tucked between rocky cliffs, beckons you to unwind under the shade of pine trees and indulge in the crystal-clear waters. For a more secluded experience, venture to the nearby coves of Cala Llucalcari and Cala Tuent, where the beauty of nature remains untouched. Whether you seek relaxation, inspiration, or adventure, Deia and its surrounding coastal treasures promise an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Villas in and around Soller and Port de Soller

As befitting such a stunning area, the choice of properties to stay in is just as varied and fabulous. With luxury boutique hotels opening, and well-heeled visitors looking for traditional and contemporary choices, you could opt for a traditional hill-top Mallorcan finca, a stylish valley apartment – perfect for enjoying the fresh mountain and sea air - or an elegant townhouse within walking distance of the historic town of Soller. And the area around Port de Soller is just as eclectic with stylish, old merchant’s villas and modern seafront apartments. Sun-hat Villas are on hand to help you make the perfect choice for your holiday.

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