Stews & More

Stews & More is a remarkably well reviewed restaurant that combines the tastiest, homeliest dishes of two cuisines. Inspired by the phenomenal cooking talents of the owners Dutch and Portuguese grandmothers they present over 60 year old recipes in a new style kitchen. The name undersells what you will find here, ‘Stews, Service, Wine and Much Much More’ would be a more accurate if less catchy title for this restaurant.


Before people have decided they want to eat at Stews & More the first thing that hits you is the incredible aromas. The second is the energy of the place, it is busy but not overcrowded. The third thing you notice is that if you want to get a table you should make a reservation.


As you would expect from somewhere called Stews & More there is a good variety of stews, including vegetarian options. Your broth comes with a side dish of bread or potatoes and onions to help mop up once you’ve eaten all the chunky bits. Very friendly staff take the time to talk you through their rare menu and with your input can steer you towards exactly what you want before you knew you wanted it. Their knowledge of wine also guarantees just the right pairing.



Stews & More

Forte de São João,
Almeida Garrett 40
8200-161 Forte de São João,
Algarve, Portugal

GPS: 3QQ8+MH Albufeira, Portugal

3QQ8+MH Albufeira, Portugal

Tel: +351 924088166

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat           5pm – 10pm

Sunday                 Closed