Carvoeiro Caves runs daily boat trips to the Benagil and Carvoeiro’s sea caves. The caves you see differ depending on what length of trip you take. The shortest trip dips in and out of close by coves, whereas the two longer trips visit sites such as Benagil Cave, Praia De Marinha and Algar Seco.


Some of the caves, including the Benagil cave, are domed with openings in the rock allowing sunlight to stream through and light up the water. Some of the caves are narrow, deep channels while others are wider caves with high ceilings. You are not allowed to disembark in the caves but from the boats you have the best viewing points.

Only smaller boats can explore the caves at will. Carvoeiro Caves has a fleet of 6 small, modern boats that zip along the coast and can easily be manoeuvred. All the boats have an easy boarding system making them accessible to the mobility impaired. There is no wading through waist-high water before clambering aboard. Also all boats are equipped with all safety gear as required by law.


Carvoeiro Caves

Largo da Praia do Carvoeiro near the bathhouses (Carvoeiro Beach square - left hand side)
Carvoeiro LGA,

Tel: +351 965 041 785