The small beach of Praia do Castelo is located on the wonderful stretch of coast between Albufeira and Armação de Pêra. There are a number of small bays along the several kilometres of coast here, all of which have the same ochre coloured sandstone cliffs eroded into various rock formations.

At the easternmost end, a scenic rock formation reminiscent of the battlements of a fantasy castle, give the beach its name. These days there is no recognisable castle here but the name refers to a 16th century watchtower that once stood here to protect the coast from the attacks of Barbary pirates from North Africa. There are actually some remains of the old watchtower near the entrance of the beach.


The water is crystal clear and there are lifeguards here in the summer months making it a great spot for snorkelling and swimming. For refreshments there is a beach restaurant, which serves numerous fish dishes as well as typical beach food such as burgers and pizzas. From the terrace there is a lovely view over the beach and the sea. Apart from the restaurant the beach is completely undeveloped and unspoiled.

The beach is a great place to collect shells, which are in abundance here, or you can go for a clifftop walk or climb on the rocks. From up above you'll also discover the small adjacent cove to the left of Praia do Castelo, where with a bit of luck you can bathe completely undisturbed. One note of warning. The cliffs here are a little unstable, as you will be able to see from the numerous boulders strewn around their bottoms. Therefore it is advisable not to set up too close to the cliff face.


Praia do Castelo

  1. da Torre Velha 2,

Algarve, Portugal
GPS: 37.073341, -8.298695

3PF2+8G Albufeira,