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Luring the rich, famous, and seriously rich to its western-central coastline, St James is certainly upping the glitz and glamour stakes in Barbados.

Gold Coast

Fondly known as the ‘Gold Coast,’ more recently elevated in stature to the ‘Platinum Coast’ – this is a reflection of the grand mansions, elegant villas and luxury resorts that have sprung up here over the past years. And it’s no wonder it has attracted such esteemed visitors when you see for yourself the pure white sands of its - many would say - unrivalled beaches such as Paynes Bay and Sandy Lane. Alongside fantastic shopping and plenty of restaurants ranging from traditional Bajan to Michelin-starred cuisine, it's a holiday adventure you'll never forget. Make sure wherever you go, you try a Bajan fishcake!


Again, this is an island that’s got a lot more to offer than its beaches, and St James – where British settlers first landed – has got some real history too. Barbados, known for its rich sugar-cane industry is generous with showing its past. A visit to the Portvale Sugar Factory to see one of the only remaining sugar factories on Barbados is a treat indeed, and the Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum, on the same site, has a wonderful selection of traditional machinery on display. The 19th- century St James Parish Church is a popular attraction - one of the four oldest surviving churches on the island. And, if you’re there for the Holetown Festival in February, be sure to go. Street parades, a vibrant atmosphere, incredible street food and endless music make for an inspiring day out.


Despite being known as a ‘playground for the rich and famous’ St James remains remarkably down-to-earth and welcomes everyone with open arms. After a day of glorious sunshine, head out to the charming bars, excellent restaurants and cafes. You won’t find quite the party atmosphere of St Lawrence’s Gap, but you will find somewhere to enjoy a leisurely nightcap, a great meal and a little dance at one of the laid-back bars as the sun sets over this gorgeous island.