Praia do Carvalho is one of the Algarve's best-kept secrets. Completely surrounded by rocks, it would only be accessible by sea or by abseiling down the cliff faces if it wasn't for a 15 metre long hand-carved tunnel. In this tunnel you can see several fossils but you have to be very careful if there is sand on the steps.

The extra effort needed to get to Praia do Carvalho ensures the beach is relatively quiet all year round. There are no hotels or resorts directly on the beach so make sure you bring your own food and drinks. You should also bring a camera to capture a real desert island moment.



The beach is kind of V shaped and is surrounded by steep cliffs. They provide shelter against the sun and wind but be advised, you should not sit directly underneath the cliffs because there can be rock falls from time to time.

Along the cliffs there are lots of hidden and secret paths to explore, including one that'll take you to a secret beach inside a cave, which you'd otherwise have to take a boat or swim to. You'll also find lots of winding paths along the edges of the cliffs nestled with special spots where the adventurous can test their nerves with coasteering or a cliff dive. The water here is very deep, so don’t worry that you will hit the bottom of the sea. However be warned that Praia do Carvalho is not a supervised beach so along with food, drink and camera bring a little common sense.


Praia do Carvalho
de Algarve Clube Atlântico H15

GPS: 37.086688, -8.431813

3HP9+M7 Carvoeiro, Portugal