The golden cliffs that make the coast of Carvoeiro and its surrounding beaches are a real treasure. Shaped by wind erosion, rain and sea water they form a landscape of caves, arches and cracks worthy of being explored. The most famous and impressive example of the Algarve is Algar Seco.

Algar Seco is one of the best viewpoints in Algarve where visitors can admire a network of pools, arches and rocky holes that were naturally shaped in rocks by wind and waves over millennia.

The area provides a stunning walk past numerous fascinating natural features, including rock formations, caves, cliffs and a blow hole. There is a fascinating rock formation known as ‘The Pinnacle’, and a tunnel which you can walk through to reach more stunning views of cliffs and rock formations created by the erosion of waves lapping up against them.

Algar Seco is accessed by stairs just under the Algar Seco Parque Resort. These stairs lead you to The Pinnacle and a restaurant where you can sit back and unwind with some nice refreshments whilst taking in the stunning surroundings. The staircase is not the only point of Interest at Algar Seco. Towards the west of the pinnacle is a long boardwalk that takes you along the cliffs to admire all the geological features and other holes.

The weather is a large factor when visiting Algar Seco. If the seas are too rough the stair access will be closed due to dangerous conditions. But you can still explore the cliffs and see many of the formations. Actually, when the seas are rough you will get a better blowhole experience.


Algar Seco
Estr. do Algar Sêco 16

GPS: 37.093062, -8.465562

3GVM+6Q Carvoeiro, Portugal


Tel: +351 936 444 444