Mimar - Tapas & Wine restaurant in Lagos is a delightful culinary establishment that combines the vibrant flavours of Spanish tapas with the laid-back coastal charm of Portugal's Algarve region. Nestled in the heart of Lagos, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience, perfect for those looking to savour a diverse array of small, flavourful dishes paired with excellent wines. As you step into Mimar, you'll be greeted by a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, featuring rustic decor and an intimate setting that sets the stage for a memorable meal.

The menu at Mimar is a tantalizing journey through the world of tapas, with each dish expertly crafted to showcase both traditional Spanish flavours and locally-sourced ingredients. From savoury patatas bravas to succulent grilled prawns, there's a tapa to suit every palate. The restaurant's wine selection is equally impressive, featuring a curated list of Portuguese and Spanish wines that complement the tapas perfectly. Whether you're seeking a romantic evening for two or a convivial gathering with friends, Mimar - Tapas & Wine restaurant promises an authentic taste of Spain infused with the coastal charm of Lagos, making it a must-visit for food and wine enthusiasts.


Rua António Barbosa Viana 27,
Lagos, Portugal


Tel: +351 289 084 794

Email: culinalagos@hotmail.com 

Opening Times

Thursday - Tuesday: 
12 noon - 11pm

6pm - 11pm