An exquisite restaurant recommended by the Michelin Guide 2022

Casa Velha, Quinta do Lago's first gastronomic restaurant, renowned for its high-end fine dining cuisine, has consistently appeared in the Michelin Guide over the years. At the helm of this innovative and elegant restaurant is Chef Alípio Branco, who completed his training in Germany and acquired extensive experience in France and Switzerland, where he absorbed the gastronomic influences of these cultures. Since 2018, Chef Alípio has overseen the kitchen at Casa Velha, serving his enthusiastic passion for the Algarve and Portuguese gastronomy with his precise touch and techniques.

Casa Velha is a haven of style and unfaltering service, demonstrating a dedication to food by serving a menu of traditional delectable Algarve regional dishes that combine with fresh, local, and seasonal flavours. Discover the legacy and immerse yourself in this enduring gastronomic celebration. 


Casa Velha is supplied with the finest vegetables and herbs by Q Farm, Quinta do Lago's vegetable garden located in the heart of the resort, that provides seasonal ingredients for the resort's restaurants all year round. Aside from Q Farm, Casa Velha sources amazing ingredients from local suppliers such as natural golden honey, fresh oysters, fish, and various other ingredients that contribute to the chef's innovative cuisine.


Inspired by its deep appreciation for the local community, Casa Velha has collaborated with Loulé Design Lab, an organization that brings together artisans from the municipality of Loulé to achieve the perfect symbiosis between design and cuisine. Loulé Design Lab, creates unique, customized pieces while conserving natural resources and enhancing the value of our in-house products served at our restaurant's tables. Many of these creative works are currently in use at Casa Velha, which hosts many of Chef Alípio's culinary creations.




Casa Velha
Quinta do Lago,

Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday: 19:00 - 22:30