Gourmet Natural Restaurant is managed by the same group who own the excellent Parrilla Natural Steak House and is run on the same ethos. Using only the freshest high quality ingredients to make mouth-watering food.

The latest menu features the steaks Gourmet Natural is famous for and a great choice of modern, Mediterranean dishes featuring fish, lamb and chicken as well as creative vegetarian options. The flavours are fresh and delicious, with some innovative combinations that are as scrumptious as they are surprising.


Gourmet Natural is famous for its open grill and magical summer nights. Their beef is 100% grazed and finished on natural grasses and is certified ‘Never Ever’. This guarantees they have ‘Never Ever’ been given Antibiotics, Hormones, Growth promoters or fed grain. The result is a healthy product with a natural taste, which is high in omega 3, Vitamin E, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA’s), is high in nutrients and low in saturated fats.

Along with fine quality cuisine, high standards and an attentive team, you will discover exclusive wines and gourmet flavours in an elegant and intimate atmosphere. The ambience is utterly relaxing with diners encouraged to linger over their meals to savour both the food and the setting.


Gourmet Natural Restaurant
Ermitage, EM527 Ferrarias
Almancil 8135-018
Algarve, Portugal

3WCW+VW Ferrarias, Loulé, Portugal

Opening Times

Mon - Sun:  7pm - 2am