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By Eight top tips for a more comfortable flight

By ANN | Villa Specialist | Monday, August 14, 2017

Eight top tips for a more comfortable flight

With summer time upon us, many of us are eagerly counting down the days until we are lying on a beach, sipping on a refreshing drink and drenching in the sun.

Whilst some more frequent fliers may find their in-flight experience relatively unproblematic, others could view the combination of dry air and restricted movement a little less attractive.

Our own travel expert Ann Evison, has put together a list of useful tips to make your time on board as relaxing as possible.

Clever Seating

Those hoping to get a little extra legroom often go for front row exit seats, but don’t be fooled, as these aren’t usually reclinable. So, if you’re hoping for optimum seating comfort during your voyage, these should be avoided. Instead, why not opt for the row behind; you’ll have an increased sense of space, as you are guaranteed to not have someone reclining in front of you.

Bulkhead seats are also a good option for extra legroom, but, these will leave you without immediate access to your vital items, as they don’t contain seat pockets or under seat storage. If your neighbour is a regular toilet visitor, opting for a window seat will make sure you don’t have to keep getting up. If this sound like it could be you, your fellow passengers will be grateful if you choose the aisle seat.

If you notice there are ample amounts of empty seats on your selected flight, and you’d like to stretch out for a nap, politely speak to the cabin crew and ask to move somewhere else; they will usually accommodate your request.

Pick Carefully

The fantastic thing about flying these days is that more often than not all airlines list their in-flight entertainment and menus online. Being able to see this type of information is great if you have any particular dietary needs such as food intolerances like gluten or dairy or require a vegan meal. Get yourself organised and make the airline aware of this as early as possible. Pack some extra snacks in case you find yourself feeling hungry in between meals or if the food isn’t to your taste. It’s also handy if you’re travelling with little ones, as you can load your tablet with a few games or films if needed to make sure they are kept well occupied.

Feeling Fresh and Cosy

Dressing in comfy, loose clothing is necessary for a restful journey, especially when going on night and long haul flights. Taking off your make-up and contact lenses (if you wear them) and lathering on a generous helping of body lotion aids with this too, as your skin can feel quite dehydrated and dry from the recycled air. Miniature toiletries, such as face cream and make-up wipes are perfect for onboard use and you’re guaranteed to speed past security, due to their small size of less than a 100ml. To assist with circulation, try using an inflatable footrest, it also reduces swelling and makes your flight feel a lot comfier!

Preparation Is Key

Don’t forget to include two small plastic bags in your carry-on luggage. The first will be used for any liquids to get through the security and treat the second one as your go-to-bag; with all the essentials you’ll need throughout the journey, such as hand cream, chewing gum, a book, a small water bottle and a glasses case. Once you are on the plane, place your carry-on in the overhead locker and the bag in your seat; this will save time and won’t hold up anyone else, as you won’t be frantically searching for everything in your bag.

Acclimatise yourself when travelling to the Algarve
Acclimatise Yourself

Acclimatise Yourself

If it’s doable, aim to adjust your body clock to your holiday destination a couple of days in advance, this way when you land you shouldn’t fall victim to the customary jet-lag and insomnia symptoms. Before you go for a nap, change the time on your watch to the time back at home. You shouldn’t feel as tired when you wake up, as your body will be fooled into believing it’s had the right amount of sleep.

Switch Off The Lights

If you have the option to do this, turn your phone and other electronic devices to ‘night mode’ also know as the ‘blue light filter’ before you’re about to go for a snooze. This will assist with making your journey more calming, as the blue light on the screen mimics daylight, which tells your brain to stay awake.

Quench Your Thirst

It is a well-known fact the airplanes hugely contribute to dehydration, this is why it is advised that you drink as much as half a litre of fluid for every hour you are on board.

A recent study revealed that milk, is even better a hydrating than water, so you know what to grab if you’re feeling extremely thirsty when you land!


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