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Ask a villa expert - We get Adam's Recommendations

By Adam.ToUpper() | Villa Specialist | 09 Feb 2024

This month we interviewed our very knowledgeable villa specialist, Adam on his favourite Sun-hat destinations and recommendations when on a villa holiday. We asked Adam about his favourite destination, including his tips on where to go, where to eat out and go for a drink and why staying in a villa is the best way to spend a holiday.  

Here's what he said...


Question: Where’s your favourite place/region to stay in the Algarve and why?

Adam: Vale do Lobo because it is a family friendly safe haven with lots of bars and restaurants on the beach and plenty of golf courses to choose from. You’re also a short drive from Vilamoura if you’re wanting more of a city vibe or to visit the marina. 

Question: Where’s your favourite place to eat out in the Algarve and why?

Adam: Marufo’s in Quarteira, the peri peri chicken is excellent. 


Question: Where would you say is the best place to go for an evening drink or fancy cocktail in the Algarve?

Adam: The Cheeky Pup in Quinta do Lago


Question: What's your favourite Algarve holiday activity?

Adam: To relax on the beach throughout the day and dine at a nice restaurant in the evening


Question: In your own words what makes the Algarve special?

Adam: The Algarve has many so many beach resorts and family friendly activities such as water parks, water sports etc.


Question: In your opinion what would you say is the Algarve’s best kept secret? 

Adam: The beautiful cove of Lagos

Question: What’s your favourite Sun-hat destination that you’ve ever visited and why?

Adam: Mallorca. The food and restaurants, the people, the landscape, beautiful golden sand beaches.

What other Sun-hat destination would you like to visit that you haven’t already and why?

Adam: Barbados in winter to experience the 30 degree heat in December!

Question: What did you find were the benefits of staying in a villa whilst on holiday?

Adam: Complete independence and the feeling of privacy that you do not get at a hotel.  In a hotel you have one small room in which to relax, but in a villa you have the whole house to yourselves.


Question: What did you enjoy most about staying in a villa whilst on holiday?

Adam: The freedom and privacy


Question: Would you stay in a villa again on holiday?

Adam: Yes


Question: Would you recommend a villa holiday to others such as friends and family?

Adam: Yes


Question: If you could stay in ‘ANY’ villa for a week (for free) which one would it be?

Adam: Casa Cubica in Quinta do Lago in the Algarve, however I've just spotted Villa Martynika in Carvoeiro which looks amazing!


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