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By Pack Like a Pro: Top Tips for Pain Free Holiday Packing

By ROSE | Villa Specialist | Friday, July 28, 2017

Pack Like a Pro: Top Tips for Pain Free Holiday Packing

Even the thought of sun, sea and beaches is enough to make most people yearn for their next holiday, but the thought of packing can be enough to dampen that dream.

It’s necessary if you want to go away though! So, to help you get through this task as painlessly as possible, we’ve put together our top tips that will have you packing like a pro.

Packing for your holiday
Make clever use of space

1. Narrow down the essentials

Ever found that you’ve gotten to the end of your holiday and not worn half of the clothes you took with you, or realised you’ve forgotten something important as soon as you got there? If you think about it, you’ll probably realise that it’s more or less the same items that you actually use each time you go, so why not create a master packing list of these that you can use over and over again.

Creating it on a computer means it’s really easy to amend and there is less chance of it getting lost at a crucial time. There are also some great phone apps out there that can help too, such as TripList, which can also remind you when you need to check-in online.


2. Make clever use of space

A few clever packing hacks can make a huge difference to the amount of stuff you can fit in your suitcase. Rolling clothes instead of folding them takes up a lot less room, so you can take more – or give yourself a smaller bag to carry.

Also think about the empty nooks and crannies in your case. When you can, put smaller items, like underwear inside shoes or other hollow possessions.


3. Less is more with make up

Make up and toiletries can be quite bulky - and you rarely need a full bottle of something while away - so streamline what you take and decant products into smaller packages where possible. A contact lens container is perfect for some of your foundation or hand cream.

Instead of picking one eyeshadow to take, why not load up the ends of cotton buds with all of your favourites and pack them in a sandwich bag. That way you don’t have to choose and there isn’t any risk of your best eyeshadow getting broken.

Narrow down the essentials, when packing
Narrow down the essentials

4. Pre-empt nasty surprises

There is nothing worse than opening your suitcase, to find your shampoo has leaked all over your clothes. To prevent this cut a square out of a plastic bag and put it underneath the screwed on lid. If the flip top lid does pop open, none of the product will be able to escape.

To stop your light coloured clothes getting ruined by anything else in your case, pack them inside out so if they do get marked it won’t be noticeable. It’s also a good idea to pack shoes and trainers with a shower cap over their soles, to avoid any unsightly scuff marks.

If you are taking any necklaces or delicate bracelets with you, sandwich them between two layers of cling film to stop them getting tangled. There are much better things to do when you arrive on holiday, than sitting and untangling jewellery!


5. Hide the tell-tale suitcase signs

You still want to look your best on holiday, but don’t want to have to launder clean clothes just because they’ve been in a suitcase.

Put a few tumble dryer sheets in among your clothes when you pack your case to keep them smelling like they’ve just been washed.

To minimise the folds on clothes prone to creasing, pack them inside dry cleaning bags. There’s also a fantastic little product called Grandma’s Secret Wrinkle Remover, which after a few sprays smooths out creases with no ironing involved at all.

Hopefully these tips will take the pain away from packing and help you ensure you can fit everything you need into your suitcase. Don’t forget you need to fit it all in on the way back too, so use the techniques travelling both ways!

If you’ve not booked this year’s break yet, why not browse our range of luxury villas and resorts for inspiration.


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