Mallorca Balloons offers enchanting hot air balloon flights and unforgettable experiences in the picturesque town of Manacor, located on the stunning island of Mallorca.

As you soar gently above the captivating landscapes of Manacor and its surroundings, you'll witness breathtaking panoramic views of rolling hills, lush vineyards, and charming Mediterranean architecture. The experience provides a unique blend of tranquility and excitement, as you float with the wind and bask in the beauty of Mallorca from a whole new perspective. Whether you're seeking a romantic escapade or an adventurous outing, Mallorca Balloons promises an exceptional journey that will create lasting memories of the island's natural splendor and captivating vistas.

The most popular experience is the sunrise flight, taking advantage of the best visibility and stability of the day.


Mallorca Balloons
Carr. Ma-15 Vds,
Calle de Manacor,
07500, 07500 Manacor,
Balearic Islands, Spain