The Castello Sonnino with its thirteenth-century tower, symbol of the territory of Montespertoli, overlooks the valleys of Florentine Chianti. Here, for over two centuries, the Sonnino family has been producing wines and extra-virgin olive oils of remarkable character, fusing a profound knowledge and love of the earth with a constant spirit of research. Today, Baron Alessandro de Renzis Sonnino steers the company along this path between tradition and experimentation, resulting in the creation of one of the most interesting wines of the new Tuscan generation.

Castello Sonnino produces wine guided by the philosophy of the great “Chateaux”, choosing to work only with the grapes grown in its own vineyards, which extend over more than 40 hectares. The Sonnino wines have oodles of personality and character, fruit of the particular features of a terroir which since 1997 has been endowed with the specific denomination of Chianti Montespertoli D.O.C.G, the smallest of the Chianti denominations. The arrival of Baron Alessandro de Renzis Sonnino in 1987 opened up new horizons: the traditional Chianti grape varieties of Sangiovese and Canaiolo were joined by Merlot, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.


A tasteful experience to help you to get to know the estate and the territory of Montespertoli: under the guidance of one of our experts you will be accompanied on a tour of taste through the history and flavour of the Sonnino wines and oil, surrounded by the delightful atmosphere of a country house.

Wine tour
A journey of discovery that takes you to the heart of the agricultural estate: from the historic cellars to the special place where the vinsanto is made, taking in the oil store and the secret rooms of the Castle, through to the wine bar premises where visitors will be offered excellent tastings of wine and oil accompanied by outstanding food products.

History Tour
In addition to the tour of the wine sites there is another through which visitors can discover the Historic Residence itself: a thrilling tour of the courtyard, the very heart of the Castle, and the thirteenth-century tower where you can visit the room where the ancient clock is still working and enjoy the breath taking panoramic view over the surrounding valleys.

Vineyard Tour

A tour that allows visitors to discover the land and the vineyards that give life to the Sonnino wines, illustrating the cultivation techniques, methods and practices. The visit also takes in the historic cellars, the wine-making premises and the place where the vinsanto is made, ending up with a wine-tasting in Sonnino Restaurant.


Castello Sonnino
Barone de Renzis Sonnino
Via Volterrana Nord n.6/A
50025 Montespertoli (Firenze)


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