Journey among the Mormoraia wines...

Mormoraia holds a special place, away from the rooms and the restaurant, dedicated to wine and the secrets hidden inside a glass. Our wine shop offers countless possibilities to get to know and taste Mormoraia products. From wine tastings followed by cellar tours to more complete experiences, with different vintages and tours of vineyards and olive groves.


In the intimate wine bar, discover the particularities that make each Mormoraia label unique and inimitable.

Taste the best vintages of our wines and the precious extra virgin olive oil, together with aged cheeses and freshly sliced ​​salami, croutons and inviting dishes from Mormoraias chef.



The Mormoraia Enoteca combines a traditional atmosphere with a vocation for the latest generation of winemaking. 
Upon reservation, it is possible to take advantage of a guided wine tour of the cellar and taste the bottles of the estate. Sip after sip, savor the uniqueness of our territory and keep its memory: in the shop you can find the excellent Mormoraia wines.



Mormoraia S.R.L Societa Agricola


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